Friday, June 7, 2019

Yasmin Hemmat writes

A Darkened Dream

I was going through a darkened dream
Wandering in a misty void
Surrounded by dim gleam
I was turning into an asteroid.

Falling down into nothingness
I passed through your serene soul
Drawn to feel the emptiness
I made my empty heart whole.

I grabbed your slippery shadow
You looked at the silence of skies
I begged you not to go
You burned me with your eyes.

You disappeared like a falling star
In the misty haze of gloom
Brightening the veiled face of heaven afar
I mourned over my doom.

I went back to the ruined door of dream
In the mire of mirrors
To cry over my loss and scream
Where everything became clearer.

I saw my soul case
Which sorrow filled its face.
Perished with gloom
Slept in its tomb.
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 -- Jessica Sun

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