Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Manthena Damodara Chary writes


Since my birth I have a splendid story
I am never a buyer of counterfeit glory
I treat my mother as Goddess of poetry
Offering her all peerless pearls of poetry

You burn me alive with all assumptions
You bury my ashes with presumptions
My serious illness is a pathetic story
Preventing me from seeking any glory

I never befriend a venomous snake
Knowing that my life will be at stake
I can never dwell well with a scorpion
Stinging me with tail to keep me in pain

You crucify me as a Christ with malice
You always hate me out of cowardice
A fair friend speaks all words of solace
To comfort a man in the bed with grace

All fair friends have their finally fair say
They always assure us of their sure stay
Image result for okaDA snake and scorpion paintings
Tears Are Yet to Come --  Chikako Okada

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