Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Arlene Corwin writes

Can One’s Meditations Influence The World?
Can meditations influence the world?
One daren’t respond
And waits for answers there unlearned;
Through insight, seen, the mystical - alone discerned.

A world? Much to insist upon?
There’s misery, the suffering, the evil, the corruption,
And we know that all that we can do is cure our selves.
Purify the flawed and imperfect-ed self
Whose weakness and shortcomings are hard to shelve.

Can little we, alone on cushion, chair or sofa
Offer up this blemished being 
To a seeing eye up in the sky
We well nigh can’t be sure of?

Breathing tricks, mantric techniques,
Sound and focusing and other tweaks - 
Can each ache jerk a world into a working peace?
Endeavours and experimenting reach long-term
Through  reaching in and out the brain?

One hopes.
We see a world that barely copes -
Whose future looks bleak, weak, with tweeting leaders, 
Cheeky citizens who leak the latest happenings.

Science tries. The churches try. Social-minded allies too. 
But here is little you, sitting as I’m doing now,
Pondering over  ‘if’ and ‘how’
Wondering if our meditations are a mediation 
Of conciliatory worth
And if they reach the big round earth
With leverage from this average me.
We’ll speculate a bit - and try, and see!
Sizonenko Yuri - 'Meditation at the Table'

Meditation at the Table -- Yuri Sizonenko

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