Thursday, January 31, 2019

Joanne Olivieri shoots

Bradley Mason Hamlin writes

Brad’s Monster

Do you
in preternatural

from the outside
that gets

or maybe
humans have
only one foot
out of the cave

The beast
there, waiting
for a trigger

you turn your head

that sound
those words
a scent
a raised eyebrow

the growling
quick to kill

Of the human.

 Medieval knight slaying a monster at the Cloisters

Jeremy Toombs writes

I say a day is a day,
busy or still.
Between sunrises
do ten thousand things.
Do nothing.
Do sit.
All the same.
Bit of shit.
Bit of shine.
Hang the washing on the line.
Willie playing “Blue Eyes.”

I sleep well for being tired.
I wake well for having slept.

A tooth hurts.
Sun slips down the street
through autumn leaves.
Image result for hanging wash line paintings Hanging Laundry -- Jeffrey T. Larson

Gert Knop writes and shoots

Lost Love

Past memories 
broken in the fog of presence.
A gem lost,
now worn by someone else.

A letter hit like an arrow.
Words, heartbroken,
love buried
in another world

A voice 
drowned in tears,
images return 
as in a dream

Shared experiences,
hope died
like brittle branches

Love lost 
in a fading chime.
Solitude obscures 
the silence

Words on the phone 
without echoes.
Melancholy melts away
in grief

Shabir Ahmad writes


In the elastic time of plastic memory
Desperate fingers hang melting watches
From the branches of fruit-lorn trees
Marking evanescence in a universe
That refuses to stand on its only leg
But instead tumbles, falls, rolls down
All the way to apathia, athambia, aphasia
In which all the pleas, all the prayers
Are reduced to the stammer of a radio
Out of station or a bee buzzing around
A pomegranate with Tigers caught 
Roaring mid-air, helplessly before the Law
Whose parable is lost on the only one
It was meant to serve while he roams
And rages and rebels and riles and then
With a head on a block dies, "Like a dog!"
Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War) -- Salvador Dalí

 Image result for disintegration of persistence of memory dali paintings
 The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory -- Salvador Dalí

Today Kafka has become an emblem of Prague, commemorated throughout the city. Guides offer tours of “Kafka’s Prague,” in which this bronze statue by Jaroslav Rona – based on Kafka’s Description of a Struggle – is a highlight. Its location near Prague’s Spanish synagogue is also the area where Kafka lived most of his life
Franz Kafka -- Jaroslav Rona