Tuesday, June 11, 2019

G.R. Melvin writes and shoots


In the upper peninsula of Michigan
blustery state road 2 you must go.
it's quite common to drive over
deep blood in the snow/a dead buck or doe.
just as felines must fall & fill gutters
South of there, all over.
deep blood deep in the snow.
With the people of upper Michigan
it's common they'll drape over,
& tie up their meat
off the back their battered trucks
and freight it home to their freezers
for later.
Here in Southwest Florida
on the way to work
it's uncommon...
(I called out "Oh my God!")
It's uncommon to drive over...
(I Killed an alligator!)
I was light on sleep and late for work
All in a dream's dread, in my headlights
I called out "Oh my God"
still when I left work, dark in the dawning
(I left It for the taking. It was gone.)
Still were spilled shadows. most, it was gone.

Lost. home, what would save me?
milk cream & alcohol
Nor Down on my knees
under Art on a wall;
Oils spilled on
empty space clean
I Know is for all, from All
(I called in "Oh my god")
stains for a dream.

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