Monday, June 10, 2019

Arlene Corwin writes

You Can Be Sure

You can be sure

That what you feel we all feel too

And what they’ve felt you have felt also.

We are a hub within diversity

And can identify.

That’s great!

You query what to write about.

I say you all have lots of thoughts,

Hundreds, thousands, endless thoughts.

Your reference and your library,

Future though that be.

So I say emulate, read, be honest!

You have much to say.  

Thought-in-word infinity.

Doubts to share. Love that’s there, nature, air: 

Boundless ware.

For nothing’s new beneath our sun.

Write, write, write each, every one.

Repetition is the key.

It’s all rehearsal, change and tinker.

Keep on learning, letting in the tutelage you hanker after.

Carry paper on your person. Write down phrases.

You’ll go through a thousand phases

Till one day you find a style’s come slinking through.

It’s evolution. 

All’s gear to set the brain a-working.

All’s a training.

There’s no need for more explaining. 

Yes, you can be sure

The poem will be just you and your…

Your poetry.
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The Writer -- Cathleen Rehfeld

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