Monday, April 30, 2018

Igor Baskin paints

ShortcArt by Igor Baskin
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ShortcArt: 'Poetry of Shortcuts and Headlines'
project by Igor Baskin
Death toll in Kabul rises to 48
2018.04.22 | Ria news

Lynn Long writes


Only in letting go
can the bittersweet
ache of the soul
feel free
For the heart
will bleed again
and again
Loving always
without end
Image result for two fridas kahlo paintings 

Las dos Fridas -- Frida Kahlo

 Related imageUnos cuantos piquetitos! -- Frida Kahlo

Grant Guy writes


i am forced to walk in the sunlight
when i wld rather walk hand in hand with
you in the blackness of the moonlight
where no one would see our sins

woyzeck mightve said to fraulein m

but he didnt
he had to go to work
at ruta lees cafeteria
he was running late

run the dog through the garden
with sneakers on

& he didnt even like hot dogs

 Review of Woyzeck by Georg Büchner. Draw your own Horn!-style review here:

 --Kevin Thomas