Sunday, March 31, 2019

Joanne Olivieri shoots

Victoria Harbor at sunset, Hong Kong

Amirah Al-Wassif writes

I love you despite everyone nose!

I love you despite everyone nose!
despite the traffic jam
despite the audience blame
and the chatter of my toes

I love you and I mean what I say
a confession of love does not accept any delay
this type of the immortal love
can not be temporary or tough

I love you despite the spread of boredom in the world
despite all my long night I was totally bent
I love you despite the breaking news and stammering of all correspondents
I love you despite my classic shoes and the currency of the tents

despite the urgent calls every midnight
I love you
despite the loneliness of shores after escaping the light
i love you

despite the world difficult rules
despite the absence of "because"

I love you despite everyone nose!
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 Brian Calvin at @alminerech #paris #contemporaryart #painting #5meterslong #faces #lines #fullfrontal #artgallery #exhibition #briancalvin
Brian Calvin - Corbett vs. Dempsey
 -- Brian Calvin

Octavio Quintanilla writes


As a boy, I’d climb trees,
reach into nests birds would leave unattended.
I’d fill my hand with small eggs, and often
one or two hatchlings would stare at me
from behind the sprigs.
There were times I wanted
to take them home, keep them as my own,
raise them, imagined their beaks
would one day open to call me, “Father.” 
Mockingbird Hatchlings -- Annie Glacken

G. David Schwartz writes

I Think Its Only Fair

When I was a kid
I couldn't wait to be
Old enough to go driving 
And, or to be married
But look at me now
as fat as a cow 
I wrecked my auto three times 
and occasionally my shoes I cannot find.
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Ponderus -- John Weakland