Sunday, June 16, 2019

Robert Lee Haycock shoots

Devil Got his Head in the Clouds

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  1. Mt. Diablo is is an isolated upthrust peak of 3,849 feet (1,173 m), visible from most of the San Francisco Bay area of California. It appears from many angles to be a double pyramid and has many subsidiary peaks, the largest and closest of which (formerly known as Mt. King, after a local Unitarian minister Thomas Starr King) is 3,557 ft (1,084 m). According to the aboriginal Miwok and Ohlone peoples of the area, Mt. Diablo was the point of creation. Molok the Condor brought forth his grandson Wek-Wek the Falcon Hero, from within the mountain. In another account, the mountain and the nearby Mt. Tamalpais (over 2,600 ft [792 m] high before the summit was flattened for radar dome construction) were islands from which the creator Coyote and his assistant Eagle-man made humanity and the world.


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