Saturday, June 15, 2019

Pramila Khadun writes

I can't understand this

Billions of dollars are being spent
To look for life on other planets
And trillions spent to kill life
On this one.
I can’t understand this.

With hearts parched, tear-etched faces,
Blowing rings of hope
In the midst of despair,
Many are eating dry bread with a tangy chutney,
While others are tasting wine
From the best of vines
Along with grilled meat and sauce
And baked potatoes.
I can’t understand this.

Cesspool of wickedness, filth and corruption,
Poverty, partiality, pollution and devastation,
The fury of war, the scheming puppeteers,
The cacophonies and atrocities around us,
Engulfing us while the delights
Of the wicked know no bounds.
I can’t understand this.

The simplicity of life turned into complexity,
Sins descending like a swarm of locusts,
Virtue dying in the bud and vice flourishing,
Youth left to themselves, the old ill-treated,
I can’t understand this.
Image result for swarm locusts paintings
 Swarm of Locusts -- Brehms Tierleben

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