Monday, June 17, 2019

Amit Shankar Saha writes

A Wooden Horse Key Chain

The key chain I gave 
you as a keepsake
makes me think what you 
must have done with it.
You may have kept it 
in your yellow bag
beside cosmetics
and a handkerchief
without putting any
key in the ring of it.
It may now touch your 
fingers when you search 
for coins as change or 
a shade of lipstick.
Olmec Monument 19, from La Venta, Tabasco, shows a man holding the handbag in his hand.
Olmec Monument 19, La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico
Could the mysterious handbag really represent the cosmos? Assyrian relief carving from Nimrud, 883–859 B.C.

Assyrian relief carving from Nimrud, 883–859 BCE

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