Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tom Sterner multimediates

Those Without Graves


Arlene Corwin writes

Going Through It

I’m thinking about you
Every day, and what you’ve got to go through,
Going through right now.
I cannot do
                   a thing –
Well, give a ring now and again -
But you have other friends
And relatives for that
To buy each this and that
To fill your needs.
No, inasmuch as my heart bleeds
For what you’re going through
And what you probably will go through,
Forced by creeds
Of other sorts
I’m forced to sort it out.

You’re ill,
And you’ll be ill a while.
Thoughts say, “Get well!”
Three times “Get well”,
Eight, thirty times “Get well!”
Sent into space, to heaven, God - 
More times than spent on Mac or IPad.
Possibly the most effective way
From me to you
To help with what you’re going through:
I pray – not in the ordinary way –
I don’t know how to say it,
Words don’t, can’t describe it,
But I’m with you – and pray it.
 Prayer -- Angu Walters

James Babbs writes

Learning About Gravity

I was six years old
when I had my first lesson
I remember
I wanted to fly and
I really thought I could
I saw birds doing it all the time and
it looked easy to me
so I climbed up on
the roof of the garage and
stood at the top
flapping my arms
I wasn’t afraid
when I looked at the ground
before leaping into the air

a few years later
the girl who lived on the corner
moved away and
it must have been around
the sixth or seventh grade
I thought
she would always be there
I thought
we would fall in love and
we’d get married some day
but she left and
I don’t remember
if she even told me goodbye

it was the middle of the night
when my brother got killed and
two policemen showed up
at our door and
I remember
how I was pulled from
my warm bed
sitting at the bottom of the stairs
my parents standing in the kitchen and
all the air
sucked out of the room
as the men in uniform
gave us the news
 Image result for painting gravity
 Gravity -- Alessandro Rinaldi

Zo writes & performs

Ramble On

Written by Alonzo Gross
Performed by Zo & Wendy Smale. 
Music produced by Isaiah "godzaiah" Middleton.