Thursday, June 13, 2019

Prabha Prakash writes

Don’t seek answers.
Only disappointment will answer you
Nor seek shoulders to lean permanently on -
They’ll only tremble and shake when it aches.
Instead, grit your teeth,
Swallow that blob; yes! that bitter dark globule of
Let it flow down your throat;
Let it plunge itself into the crimson flow of your blood;
Let it dissolve and dissipate as tiny particles in your arteries;
Let it transform;
And let it come back to you as sweat, as tears, and as fresh bursts of breath,
As you exhale,
And heave a sigh of relief;
Letting it out,
Once for all.
Digital Painting - The Self Reliance by Shapeless C
The Self Reliance -- Shapeless C

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