Friday, March 30, 2018

Robbie Masso shoots

Houdini's Angel


Robert Lee Haycock writes


Tripping down stairs as fragile as a broken smile
Where the hell are my boots?
Trying to hold on at a newfound stranger's window
Where the hell are my boots?
Thinking you could break up that gang fight again
Where the hell are my boots?
Taking me in tears while Grandmother gets the mail
Where the hell are my boots?
 Barefoot Walk -- Dan Casado

Kevin M. Hibshman writes

breath to breath 

emptying out to be drawn back in
ocean of the sky
here we swim
my love reaches to hold you
Image result for breath to breath paintings 
Breath of Providence -- Dimitra Milan 

DJ Tyrer writes


Human family
Primordial kinship ties
Great web of being
Interconnecting trade links
Uniting humanity
 Humanity hands by luuqas
 Humanity Hands -- Lucas Iacono