Friday, June 7, 2019

Daniel Broudy composes

Building seven, oh, where did you go? 
Forty-seven stories from ground zero 
Made in red masonry, and occupied 
By Giuliani’s indestructible lair 
The zealous cows that led the team 
To inquire of your whereabouts 
Said you collapsed from raging fires 
A buckled i-beam vaporized your floors 

Cognitive infiltration 
Dulling the minds of the masses 
Time for manipulation 
Dominating the lower classes 

Servile sycophants and media goons 
Crushing voices that question the tale 
Supplied us all with a mass of lies 
Mesmerizing and to hypnotize bridge 
A genius in mass persuasion 
Cass is sun stein Pushing a new kind of Kool aid 

[MC Fluff:] Building 7 
Where did you go? 
Made you go up 
Made you go down


  1. Daniel comments, "‘Building 7’ emerges from countless dialogues over 18 years with scholars, university students/researchers, and soldiers and sailors who maintain a robust skepticism of official mythologies regarding the baffling un-investigated oddities of September 11, 2001 and obvious efforts made in various media to obscure the full picture and to marginalize voices calling for an independent unbiased inquiry of the events of that fateful day. The song is an integration of observed phenomena and a call—inspired by Martin Luther King—to ‘raise our voices’ and pursue truth for its powers to set free the captives."

  2. 7 World Trade Center was the 7th structure built that composed the World Trade Center complex in New York. In 1980 Larry Silverstein won a bid to lease and develop the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey's last undeveloped parcel, the site of the future Building 7. Designed by Emery Roth & Sons, the city's most influential architectural firm, it was 47 stories (610 ft [190 m]) tall with a red granite facade and a 330 X 140 ft(100 X 43 m) trapezoidal footprint. A 2-story Consolidated Edison electricity substation had been located on the site since 1967, with a caisson foundation designed to carry the weight of a future 25-story skyscraper, much smaller than 7 World trade center, so a system of gravity column transfer trusses and girders was put between floors 5 and 7 to redistribute load to a smaller foundation. The 5th floor functioned as a structural diaphragm, providing lateral stability and distribution of loads between the new and old caissons. Above the 7th floor, the building's structure was a typical tube-frame design, with columns in the core and on the perimeter, and lateral loads resisted by perimeter moment frames. The ground-breaking was on October 2, 1984, and the building opened in May 1987. On 11 September 2001, when the nearby North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed, the structure was damaged by debris, which also ignited fires that continued to burn, expanding the building's girders and causing them to lose their structural integrity. Column 79, which supported much of the 134h floor, buckled, causing the floors above it to collapse to the 5th floor.


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