Monday, June 17, 2019

Devika Mathur writes

Aerial Forever

I have seen the ombre of your lips and words
like mirrors protruding a new leaf,
like a vintage walnut is hidden under my pillow,
your kiss under my pillow, for memories, is my skin.

I have known you all these years
as the shadow of the moon, tingling my dreams,
making me nocturnal often,
your breeze like the nostalgia of lights.
and your mushy hands of solace.
pause and dance, dance and breathe.

I see you as morning dew 
as a charm cascading as red as a blush 
around my waist, around my milky thighs.
extending til my toes. 
your breaths are my home.
I see you as an eye of perfume if any.
Aerial forever.
Image result for tiziano amor sacro paintings Amor Sacro e Amor Profano [detail]-- Titian

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