Monday, February 18, 2019

Steve Koons paints

A Poet's Feelings

Scott Simmons writes

A Slow Dance with Heartbreak

Her sirens song makes me sail into the rocks.
She’s a ghost now and a sweet yet distant nightmare.
Our love died a little more every single day.

For two and a half years she made me happy in hell,
and for eight months she’s been killing me.

That face is burned into my eyes and I see it everywhere.
Image result for bildo sirens paintings Odysseus and Sirens -- Bildo Fabriko

Inam Hussain Mullick writes


The leaves at my feet,
Thick doses of solar tonic,
Giraffes in summer.
Image result for lady and giraffe paintings
The Lady and the Giraffe -- Sergey Lutsenko

Marcus Severns writes

Dissident Decedents

Give them food,
             Send them to college.

Make sure they are safe.

             Give them life,
                         Teach them language.

                          Pick them up when they are sick,
                                      Drop a blanket over them
                                                   When they fall asleep on the couch.

                                      Give them the nurture they need
                                                    To mature
                                      Into healthy people

                           Who go into the world
                                         To do the same.

                            At retirement, they shall argue who gets to be caretaker.


             Or the “Hands off approach.”

             Give them nothing,
             Complain to them and about them,
             They're in the will – they will inherit –
                          They should be thankful.

They rarely visit?

              None of them live nearby,
              Nor seem to care
                           That you have a disease?

I'm sorry, 
I will hug them for you;
               Then bring you a fruit basket


                As well as
                           Black roses.
Image result for fruit and black roses paintings
Black Rose -- Ellen Hendrikx