Saturday, April 20, 2019

Jeff Norris shoots

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Bradley Mason Hamlin writes

there was a love
there was drug
there was a job
there was a dream …

you didn’t know
you didn’t ask for it.
Image result for edward hopper night windows painting Night Windows -- Edward Hopper

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Night Windows -- Gerard Boersma

John Doyle writes

Summer, County Wexford

Felt roofs, summer days,
balmy, traffic sounds; God’s lungs liquid blue.
Aerials like haddock's carcass receive pictures from Harlech, South Wexford;
The Evening Press says Colt Seavers will ruffle a fellow bounty hunter up the wrong way this evening, tune-in at 5:00.
Owain Glyndwr and the stinking Norsemen
prowl like alley cats across this Wexford roof. Leave the Celts and Nordic warriors at it, I want my 1980s trash.
File:William Blake, Visionary Head of Owen Glendower, 1819.jpg
Owain Glyndwr --William Blake

Robin Wyatt Dunn writes

so often we depend on what we can't see
the Rick Moranis who is living under our bed
and the patient subway driver
saluting our corpse

it's the glove over the dark
unknowable and free
loving you
even in death
when we watch and wait
for all the quiet things to come awake
Warner Bros.