Friday, May 31, 2019

Joanne Olivieri shoots

Chester Giles writes

work poem

   it will rain.

the change falls out of my pocket
the bench saw behind the wall,
            behind my back
  tears through never ending matter
the train arrives at the platform.

                  I go to work

Image result for workers waiting for train paintings
Early Workers Waiting on the Train -- Patricia Voelz

James Babbs writes

Ready or Not

I’m not ready
for my hair to go gray
wasn’t it only yesterday
I was an awkward teenager
too shy to talk to girls and
learning how to drive a car
graduating from high school
messing around in college
for a couple of years
just trying to find my way
it wasn’t that long ago and
I remember
how I wanted to write a novel
by the time I was thirty
what happened to all those days
it seems kind of strange
when I look into the mirror and
see my father’s face
how long has it been
since he passed away
come over here and
look into my eyes and
I swear
you’ll still see the boy I was
the same boy
I still feel like I am
he’s still in here and
I can hear him laughing
for no reason at all
he’s still in here and
he’s waiting for something
I think there’s still
something he wants
Mirror Paintings Man In The Mirror Painting Suzanne Marie Leclair
Man In The Mirror -- Suzanne Marie Leclair

Paula Hackett writes

Teddy's L.A. After Dark
Come to life
On this changing scene
Here's your part
Live your wildest dreams
Night arrives
just to celebrate
It happens here
in L.A.
After dark

From the beach 
to the mountainside 
L.A. streets 
take you for a ride 
Central Avenue 
It happens here 
in L.A. 
After dark 

Daylight steps aside and
Lets the city lights start to glow 
Play out your part as the night 
Puts on a show 

Happy now 
See the dawn arise 
Just for you 
Cross the morning skies 
Don't forget 
Night will soon return 
It's here for you 
in L.A. 
After dark
Image result for central avenue los angeles
Central Ave. Saxophone Market