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Sirinya shoots

Sirinya shoots

Satchid Anandan writes

No Time 

There is no more time, but
there are some evil deeds
yet to accomplish.
To divide lovers,
to spread hate and harvest death,
to lead a revolution
that denies happiness
to everyone, equally.

All this calls for hard work.
I have the time for it,
and the impatience too.
Frida Kahlo. Moses 
Moses -- Frida Kahlo
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Satchid Anandan writes

Learning Languages

I would love to learn languages,
Santali, Balochi, Catalan, Slovenian.
In all these tongues
we can say ‘love’;
we can say ‘kill’ too.

It is too late;
no time even to design a time-piece
maybe, I can design a verse-piece

Languages walk past the age of love
bent over a walker.

I too will go,
to the land where I have plenty of time
to learn languages
and then
I will kill you with love. 
Towards the Forest II, 1897/1915 by Edvard Munch.
Towards the Forest II -- Edvard Munch

Alyssa Trivett writes

Friday/Near Weekend Bliss

I couldn't scrawl a poem 
on the way to work.
My coffee corpse eyes
were rolling down the 
overflowing river
and my carpal tunnel
shocked rollercoaster drop wrists
shook like a swaying couple
at an outdoor Alanis Morissette concert.
I counted seconds at the stoplight
and said a quick prayer today
would go okay.
Now that school is over
I hear fireworks every night
knocking on my window as
unemployed birds wanting to 
have conversations about why
Gary painted his house yellow or
about our new mailman who rips open birthday cards.
I don't keep track.
I just sit in a windowless room
spewing lines seven and a half
patrons will read.
If is worth anything, nowadays,
in a jibber-jabber status update
satisfaction of notifications
and gas tank on E lemme fill up
'fore it hits $4 a gallon again
and neighbors crowd my lawn
to discuss it and siphon
chewing tobacco at me
as I chug down coffee bits
in my morning talk show routine
of my own introversion.
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Naomi (Lady) Mitchison --  Percy Wyndham Lewis