Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Glory Sasikala writes


His mind goes,
Not correct, not correct
She’s not playing her role
She won’t fit into the box
And I’m losing control!

Goodbye patriarchal fella
You’re from a different era
You can stand there holding my trilling laughter
It’s my freedom you are after
I’m goin’ goin’ gone
To follow my dreams and Sun
Not angry with you at all
Cause if you try you just might fall
You can’t change, you’re too old for that
Stay home and take care of the cat
Goodbye fella
from a bygone era
helplessly holding on to “isms”
these never-to-be-resolved schisms
That just don’t work anymore!
 Old geezer by Jennyben
 Old Geezer -- Jennyben

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