Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo writes

Dream weaver -

Take me to a place I really belong,

Where the eagles freely fly

Without fear of thirsty hunters at bay -

Where mountain slopes glimmer of rich vegetation,

Where castles in the air can be seen

In dreams within a dream.

Take me to where words become the soul of everything that exists -

That in the mere wave of my hand,

Everything else transforms into a magical illusion

Take me where lost loves meet again in Paradise -

Where the Angels descend and walk among strangers

In liberty -

Oblivion -

How I long to caress the gentle stroke of your touch,

Taking me to a place I’d rather be in

Where dreams of forever come to visit me at night,

Enchants the weary heart

Enthralls me in a swift turn of fate.
The Planet of Angels -- Adriana De Castro

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