Thursday, November 8, 2018

Scott Simmons writes

Tidy and Neat Divorce

Heartbroken women whisper out false hopes and empty promises.
They aren’t lying to you they just simply don’t know just who they really are.
They become so twisted that you just can't help them anymore.

Whenever you realize that your hope is dead and buried in the gutter,
You'll just sit alone for hours in your stagnant pigsty quietly sobbing.
Then you ponder all the time about every single little if or how.

The guilt stabs deep into your gut like an old rusty dagger.

That girl you once knew is now erased from all of existence.
No matter how much you bleed there is simply no way to ever get her back.

 Image result for dagger paintings
 Woman with a Dagger -- Manasi Mehta

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