Friday, November 30, 2018

Donal Mahoney writes

Budget Cuts and Bill’s Regrets

Bill’s been seeing 
a therapist for years
trying to get his life on track
but all he talks about is  
his many regrets in a life 
not wisely lived.
His therapist suggests 
he put his regrets on a boat 
and let it float away.

Bill heads for the pier and 
loads the boat but it sinks.
Too heavy are Bill's regrets.
The next day hundreds of trout
are floating dead on the surface.

Taxpayers argue on shore
about the reason the lake 
has become a floating wake.
The Nightly News reports 
climate change killed the fish 
and noted experts say 
the latest budget cuts mean 
more dead fish to come.
The only good news is 
Bill has a new regret. 
Oceans Are Like Mountains Turned Upside Down -- Jaelah Kuehmichel

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