Saturday, November 10, 2018

Robert Lee Haycock shoots

pressure pressure I got pressure

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  1. When Ray Davies and his younger brother Dave attended William Grimshaw Secondary Modern School (in London, they formed the Ray Davies Quartet with Ray's friend and classmate Pete Quaife and one of Quaife's friends. (They called themselves the Pete Quaife Quartet when the bass player landed them a gig.) In late 1962 Ray entered the Hornsey College of Art, and the quartet changed their name to the Ramrods, although they also sometimes performed as the Pete Quaife Band or the Bo-Weevils, before settling on the Ravens. They invited Mick Avory to play drums in early 1964, who stayed with the group, newly named the Kinks, until 1984. Quaife was replaced by John Dalton in 1969, when keyboardist John Gosling joined them; Dalton was replaced by Jim Rodford in 1978, and it broke up in 1996 due late-term commercial failure and creative tension between the Davies brothers. However, before their breakup they had sold over 50 million records worldwide. "Low Budget," released in 1979, was their 17th studio album. Although it was a relative failure in the UK, in the US it became their best-selling non-compilation album and reached #11 on the American album charts, their highest charting studio album. The 3rd single from the album was "Pressure," written by Ray Davies.

    Pressure pressure I got pressure, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
    Pressure pressure I got pressure, oh yeah

    I don't really want to give it to you
    'Cos it's really contagious
    You can pick it up anywhere
    And it can be quite dangerous
    You can spread it mouth to mouth
    You can even get it when you're alone
    But I can always live with it
    Whenever I am close to you


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