Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Manthena Damodara Chary writes


I convey my cordial greetings to Mr. Maram Venkata Gona Reddy on the auspicious occasion of his sixty first birthday today. He is a world leader of teacher organisations. He has been vitalising the functioning of many organisations for almost four decades. His splendid success as a unique leader has won him laurels. He has been spending his post-retirement life rendering remarkable service as the C.E.O.of Nalgonda Sandbox for two years. I have penned this poem depicting his tremendous traits deserving praise.

Sixty springs have marched with mirth
Cuckoos pour forth melody on your birth
All peacocks perform a delightful dance
Glistening grandeur has its gleeful glance

You scintillating smiles bespeak splendour
Intensifying in fellow human beings' wonder
Loyal leading exemplifies luminous loftiness
Your genuine heart has nourished loveliness

You are the final friend of all and a foe to none
You are always as radiant as the splendid sun
The world sees you as the leader of teachers
Guiding devoted teachers for many more years

The Almighty’s gorgeous gift of sound health
Ushers in enrichment of your wisdom’s wealth
You share with all the wealth without stealth
The health of this system is all your wealth

-- 26-01-2017
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