Monday, November 12, 2018

Mike Zone writes

a time of wolves and eggs

what will "they" call this time 

of strange love 

between the history of wolves 

and pulse pounding reality altering physics?

When grapes caught fire and the wine of revolution was poisoned

by water pumped with toxic chemicals for ancient gas

THEY - do not exist 

THEY - will not come to be 

THEY - trapped between realities

a broken nexus - disharmony at the center

shouldn't it all shatter instead bending at minds wide open forced into confinement? 

CAGES - were all dulled animals

rendered docile by primal placation

without the needs being met 

the discord of being rapturing time

ECOCIDE - not of this world 

so why bother chasing Heaven on Earth

there's pie in the sky

plenty to eat without the discord of storms and starvation

SUICIDE - murder your emotions 

give into collective sensation, contrasting the stream only stirs anxiety

why'd you do that and cut yourself from all the rest? 

or is that just what you’ve been taught to believe? 

GENOCIDE - species floundering, the grand interdependent chain of existence

quantum vibrational waves flatlining at stagnation

lacking the vibrational variance of infinite revival

minds in time, times out of mind, something mindfully said before

but with infinite minds come infinite times and a multiverse realm of healing replication

it's false hope, really but out of hope comes something bitter

one could say hard boiled, like an egg,

something inside that shell - yoke another life to be born

not fully dead

SACRIFICE - make sacred - debt of life

once upon a time a planet was once a cooling star 

hungry for life with but a slim chance to host 

from dark waters parted seas and dried land thriving 

lit up by millions of stars and blazing sun

flaring, particles of dust dancing into shapes from breathing waters and flooding air 

the vegetation grew

eggs hatched

gills formed

mutants crawled

gardens kept,

stories of truths, lies, betrayal a woven tapestry of what we could all be

there's no debt to life

live, be, enlighten - with the dust of stars you are made of

darkness need not be misery- once the dormant sleep of creation

transformed into fear and malice

take back from distortion the gift of the first time

let history in the record of living beings be the just accords of stumbling lessons

in the vapid structure of the religion of indoctrination

it's a civic scenario 

on levels even deemed holy

and there somewhere in the mind of matter 

is a master escape plan awaiting to be hatched
Image result for made of stars paintings
Bodies made of Stars -- Sunci Perisin Tomljanovi

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  1. This sounds like the first speech after the last survivors left earth after a nuclear war now preparing for the next 1000 years ... Bravo!


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