Friday, November 16, 2018

Megha Sood writes


We, humans, have the proclivity to shut down emotionally in a state of emotional crisis.We all feel that we are safeguarding ourselves from all the pain and angst by keeping the help at bay and downplaying the hurt we are going through. It takes a lot of courage to open to someone and to share our deep emotional thoughts with people around us. We all feel very vulnerable by doing so, but are we really keeping us safe this way?

Is loneliness your companion
which makes you feel complete
Is tiredness your friend
Do ache and pain give you a hand 
Does the emptiness in your life 
make you fill the void 
with all your empty memories 
Are you safeguarding all your truth 
so you don't need a friend 
Does the bitterness in your voice 
keep enemies at bay 
Does the cowardness in your way of life 
keep the harm away 
Does the sourness in your relationships 
armor your heart and keep it safe 
Does the ugliness in your way of life 
keep your lovers at arms' length
Does the foulness in your voice
shut down the path to your soul
keep you away from the ghouls
Does your proclivity towards broken faith
keep you from looking straight into his eyes
stop your faith from being restored
Are your wings broken
so you can't fly to strange new lands
Have you made yourself tone-deaf
so you can't be swayed by the 
music of your land
How are you keeping yourself safe these days?

-- Bogdan Dada

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