Monday, November 12, 2018

Jagari Mukherjee writes


Does Selene love her Solitude?
Like her (when she wears silver)
I shimmer through my days
almost bold, certainly proud.
And then with the month
as the days turn,
she wanes away and puts on
a black, wispy, netted veil
and I feel in my bones
a cold, dark cloud.
Loneliness clings to me
like a shroud under which
I wish I could shriek aloud.
I think of razors and a pill
to extricate Loneliness, defeat his will.

Then Selene wears her silver again
bold and proud – I remind myself.
Solitude and I, holding hands
watch her shimmer on my window pane.
Selene -- Devakant

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  1. Selene was the moon. Hyperion ("The High One") and his sister Theia ("Divine") were her parents. Her siblings were Helios (Sun) and Eos (Dawn). Selene and her son Helios were the parents of the Horae, the goddesses of the seasons. Selene and Zeus had the daughters Pandia (all brightness"), the full moon, and Ersa (Dew). Selene and Endymion, a grandson of Zeus, had 50 daughters (the 50 lunar months between Olympiads) and Narcissus. she was also the mother of philosopher, historian, prophet, and musician Mousaios, the founder of Greek priestly poetry and the teacher of Orpheus. The Orphic Hymns described Selene as an "all-seeing," "all-wise," "foe of strife" who "giv'st to Nature's works their destin'd end."


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