Friday, November 16, 2018

Arlene Corwin writes

A Lighthearted Poem For All Us Scorpios

This is a poem to cover
All us Scorpios alive or not.
In case you didn’t know,
We are a special lot.

‘Cover’ means:
Envelop and enfold, embody and embrace.
We are lovers
And the charming-est of ‘race’..
(of course I’m not impartial).

We are: fixed, we don’t change easily.
We must learn flexibility.
And mixed: Our colors brown and black,
Deep red/maroon;
Our rulers; Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Moon.
We’re born between:
Oct. 23 - Nov. 22
This poem’s for me, this poem’s for you.

We are the highest and the lowest:
So you ‘knowest’, we are:
Forceful and intuitive, passionate, magnetic.
We are great survivors.
BUT, we’re also jealous and possessive,
Wilful, secretive, compulsive and obsessive.

Make sure you choose the best;
Turn secrets to transparency…
Watch out for all the rest.

Believer in the mystic all/ material
One or the other/none of these
You are a sister, brother, father, mother
Therefore, take astrology with ease
And live with love, and how you please.
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 Zodiac Scorpio -- Ali Oppy


  1. Scorpio is a zodiac sign and a constellation. However, the 2 do not synchronize astronomically; because of the constellation Ophiuchus, the sun is in Scorpius for only 6 days (23-28 November). Before the discovery of the planet Pluto in 1930, the sign was associated with Mars, and the Babylonians regarded Libra as the Scorpion's claws. The constellation was closely connected to Artemis. Her fellow hunter Orion boasted that he could kill every terrestrial animal, but Artemis created the scorpion to kill him. Her father Zeus honored the beast by raising it into the heavens as a constellation, but at Artemis' request he also raised Orion in order to remind mortals to curb excessive pride. So, every winter Orion hunts in the sky with his dogs Canis Major and Canus Minor, but every summer he flees as Scorpio approaches. (In other reports, Artemis asked Zeus to honor Orion by making him into a constellation after her jealous twin brother Apollo sent a scorpion to kill him and then then tricked Artemis into slaying the fleeing Orion.)

  2. Thank you Arlene Corwin, from an amazed and agonized Scorpio ❤️


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