Monday, November 19, 2018

Rizwan Saleem writes

Rain on you

Of all the ways that lovers do
Dreams and thoughts of touching you
How I could turn into rain
And pour myself onto you
My gray clouds float to your presence
Steal sunlight from the sky, and prickle your skin with a frosty breeze
Ignite goosebumps on your slender arms
A premonition of what’s to come
No I won’t pour, nor drown in a biblical deluge
A light drizzle would simply do
For the unrequited desires that I seek from you to
Evanesce my being, I fall down
I’m whole now in a million drops
Delicate like sparkling dew
My first splashes on your raven black hair
But you are still so unaware
Oh my paramour but there is more of me
So much more too of you
The first for any man, I rejoice in my descent
How a fall can be from one heaven to another
And drips of me on your forehead
Your turn your face above to see
The Cimmerian nebulae that carry me
I slither down to your sultry cheeks
Fuchsia with surprise and elation
Smooth as polished marble
Of a temple made for a religion arcane
Known only to me
And sizzle in wicked delight
Trills to your lips
The warmth of your breath fleeting
Rapture so abundant
That is in rain
A peek of your pinkish tongue
Wanders out to seek a taste
A drop is captured in curve
And let slither back in its sepulcher
Inside you I float, running in your life blood
We are one
How I wish I could ebb through your veins
Like an addiction without cure
Drops of me all on you
Soak your clothes through and through 
Your curves accentuate my lascivious fervor
As I caress you further
To the flats of your torso
I slither and crawl
Tickle and feather, my touches to arouse
Till your legs so neatly parted
Almost finished what has been started
I slide and slide lower still
To your thighs and knees
Shaped with such feline grace
Your ankles, till
Your feet and toes
So perfectly formed
The places they take you
But steps so far from me
So slowly I roll
To my final demise
Soaked now by grass beneath you
I am life now in another form
Fertile with your redolence
I await another turn in eternity
To love you again 
You Will Receive Rain In Its Proper Time: The Holtzbergs --Rivka Nehorai

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  1. n the "Odyssey" Homeros described the Kimmerioi as living beyond the Oceanus, the enormous river that encircled the world, in a land of fog and perpetual darkness, at the edge of the world and the entrance of Hades.

    Newlyweds Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg were Chabad shaliach emissaries sent to Mumbai, India, to promulgate Hasidissm in 2003. They opened the Chabad House, which included an educational center, a synagogue, and a drug prevention service. During the 4-day terrorist attack on the city launched by the Lahhkar-e-Taiba (Army of the Good) in November 2008, the building was seized and the occupants taken hostage before being killed (perhaps tortured as well). The victims included Gavriel and Rivka, who was 6 months pregnant. The title of the painting is derived from the phrase "I will give rain in its proper time," from the Shema, considered to be the most important part of the Jewish prayer service; it is traditional for Jews to recite the prayer as their last words.


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