Friday, November 16, 2018

Ian Copestick writes

Depressing Sunday Night

It's a pretty depressing Sunday night
As we are moving into Winter
Pitch black at 5 O'Clock and
Due to the fog, not a star to be seen
I hate these cold, dark, endless nights
Nothing, nothing, nothing
Just stay at home and watch
The same old garbage
That passes for T.V.
This is life, it's all there is
Our one and only shot
So what do we do?
We waste it, murder the days
And the individual hours
We just throw them all away
Someday on my deathbed
In hopefully a hundred years
I will look back at this
Depressing Sunday night
And curse the fact that
There are no more left
But for now I just wish
That it was over
Then I can
Complain about
Monday mornings
 Image result for paintings of watching tv
 The Way Watching TV - Engin Yuksel

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