Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Robert Maddox-Harle writes


Scaling the crumbling cliff of destiny
I turn and let my eye fall
down down to the valley floor;
footprints disappear
filling with the dust of barrenness,
echoed unmistakenly
in shades of strictures far too harsh;
every advance eroded,
every move to imprint upon the path
a permanence,
is swept away unnoticed.

Reflecting, resting on a ledge,
the hardness of my granite loft
belies enduring limitations,
decaying basalt strewn across
a face of life intimidates mortality
and the fault line of life and death
narrows to a slit,
a fractured folding.

Higher now the valley fading
obscured by veils of mist;
temptation to dissolve into the misting
lessens with each weathered rock,
and mellowness betrays the ageing.

But all too soon I'll reach out gladly
to touch the rising moon.
 Related image
 Neil Armstrong's footprint on the moon, 20 July 1969

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