Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Andrea Ashima writes

Is justice safe,
Is she immune to this epidemic malignancy
Gripping minds, coiling around the masses?
Is she abused, her stance of dignity a façade,
Do powerful men harass her, force her
To tilt her scales in their favour?
Walking down the street, is she safe from the
Ignoble stares, from the hands that
Take delight in her coercion?
Does she remove her blindfold,
Does she fight,
Do we fight with her,
Or do we abandon her,
Only remembering her when she is manipulated,
Shaking our heads at the unjustness of it all.
She gives us what we deserve, do we?
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justice -- fabianoMillani


  1. Imperator Caesar Divi filius Augustus introduced the goddess Iustitia in 13 BCE, just as he was about to completely consolidate his authority by assuming the title of pontifex maximus ("greatest priest") in 12 BCE, which, among other things, gave him control over the calendar. (In 8 BCE he would add August to the calendar, just as his relative Gaius Julius Caesar, when he held that office in 46 BCE, had created July and also extended the year of his consulship by making that year 445 days long.) According to Ovid the emperor built a temple for her in Roma, though he had already established her in his mind. Iustitia was depicted with a set of scales and a sword, representing balance and authority. The notion that justice was blind (impartial) 1st appeared with the blindfolded figure sculpted by Hans Gieng' for the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice) in Berne in 1543.

  2. Excellent, both poem and comments!


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