Saturday, September 15, 2018

Peycho Kanev writes


The light was coming down
from everywhere
and nowhere

                        like this
good old world deserves.

Pushing the darkness back
hitting it

                        like a hammer
on some rusty nail.

But then it hit the table
and the wine pitcher
which was full last night.

Then it tried to fill up its
shape just like water,
timeless and fleeting.

But that not possible, you see…


This world is covered with dust
of memories and bone silence.


And when you come, finally
at the end of days and at the end
of everything

                      there will be nothing
left for you to collect.


And I sit in the garden thinking of
this world deserves its darkness.

Where are you?

Everywhere, I am everywhere
 and nowhere. 
 Darkness -- René Holm

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