Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Aabha Rosy Vatsa writes


O my true beloved love
Let me come to you amidst azure sky above
This poison of parting I can no longer bear
My heart has been torn and is in rapid tear

How miniscule were our moments of passion
Seeped they were by our love in fashion
The tender gaze never tired of staring
Hearts bursting with love and o so raring

Though short lived in time frame, but momentous in memories
We gathered effortlessly a casket of treasuries
To be doused with every sip of poison
That inevitably crept in due to our parting liaison

O my love let us not delay further
Allow our hearts to sweetly sing and murmur
It is a beautiful dawn awaiting our reunion
Emotions awaiting in exhilaration for nectarine fusion

O my beloved love
Come back and ensconce me in your arms
Let us create a symphony of our rendezvous
And allow the flowers to celebrate the morning dew.
Image result for lovers at dawn paintings
Dawn, kissed by the crescent moon -- Phyllis Mahon

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