Saturday, September 15, 2018

Robert Lee Haycock shoots



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  1. John Daly was a successful dairy farmer in San Mateo county, California, who arrived from Boston in 1853 when he was 13. His mother died on the Panama crossing, but he eventually married the daughter of his employer and became an independent farmer by 1868. In 1895 he had a mansion (one of the "Painted Ladies of San Francisco," a term introduced in 1978 by Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen to describe the repainting of 19th-century homes in the city that occurred beginning in 1963) built in the Liberty Hill district, the city's 1st residential suburb. He subdivided his 250-acre farm south of the city and sold the lots to refugees displaced by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake; the area was incorporated in 1911 as Daly City and became the largest city in the county. He died at home in 1923. After a long period of disrepair it was restored in the late 1890s.


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