Sunday, September 23, 2018

Vernon Mooers writes

Night At The Opera

There's a sadness comes on frozen wind
a long and painful tragedy
by November the soil frozen hard
an expanse of barren ice
the wasteland of our soul
when gray men walk the streets
women cringe their hidden babies
bundled silently in the cold.
There's the midi-evil barbarism
humans inflict on their kin
a history of cruel intentions
the invasion of winter
the jackals and the traitors
the skinhead gangs and purges
mean and rabid dogs
the cruelty at its utmost
then the theatre comes alive
with masks and dynamite rebels
gate crashers who didn't even pay
who should not have even attended
if they didn't like the show
the art gallery twisted to morgue
the innocent crying out
from families flooding tears
and forever the mournful echo
of children's nightmare cries
The Market Men -- Mark Tobey

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  1. The skinhead subculture (so called because its adherents wear their hair close cropped or shaved) originated among working class youths in London in the 1960s. James Moffat (writing as "Richard Allen;" under at least 45 pseudonyms he wrote at least 290 novels) novelized their lifestyle in a series of violent, sexually explicit novels, especially "Skinhead" (1971) and "Skinhead Escapes" (1972), which endowed them with a far-right ideology. By the late 1970s actual skinheads became more closely associated with the National Front (briefly the UK's 4th largest party in terms of vote share though it did not have any members elected to Parliament) and the British Movement, another neo-Fascist group founded in the late 1960s, although most skinheads were apolitical. However, in the 1990s disaffected Neo-Nazi youths in the former East Germany, Spain, Finland, and Central and Eastern European countries such as Russia adopted the skinhead style. Also, leftwing skinhead groups flourished, including Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice (SHARP), which began in New York in 1987; the Red and Anarchist Skinheads (RASH) formed in 1993 against the anti-gay sentiment prevalent in the nonracist skinhead community at large.


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