Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Gauri Dixit writes

I lived without you
Flourished too

Home came the sand stuck to my feet
Now I don't wash them
Nor do I sweep the floor clean
Reveling in the feat

I ask everyone to keep their footwear out
Feet too
Most of them return back without entering
Few were brave enough
Or naive
To come in
And they took someone else's feet on their way out

A few grains stayed
A few corroded
A few melted
A few got sprayed 
By the footless wind

But I did live without you
And flourished too
Didn't I?


तुझ्याशिवाय जगले मी
फुलले पण
घरात घेऊन आले 
पायाला चिकटलेले वाळूचे कण

ना कधी घर झाडून घेतले 
ना पाय धुतले

घरात येताना सगळ्यांना
चपलांबरोबर पावलेही बाहेर काढून ठेवायला लावली
बहुतेक सगळे त्याच पावली मागे फिरले
काहींनी केले आत यायचे धाडस
अन बाहेर पडताना 
भलतीच पाऊले घेऊन गेले

काही कण राहिले
काही संपले
काही झिजले
काही भिजले

मी मात्र जगले
फुलले पण

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