Sunday, September 9, 2018

J. S. Aanand writes


How long can we enjoy 
a flying kite
if it remains out of our sight?
It must appear into the view
After moments few
Or it just ceases to be
For me and you.

God never makes this mistake.
He is unseen
but makes himself felt
at intervals.

He sends his winds
And flowers a million and smiles
On rooftops of trees as fruit
And blesses us contemptible souls.

You need a powerful passion
And a visual feeling
Of our objects of love
And admiration

Or we are faced with
The fear
of losing it all to dust of time.

Love is a wonderful passion
And we stay in awe of an invisible God
That is our high watermark
Of commitment
 Invisible Flowers -- Hanien Conradie

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