Monday, September 24, 2018

Donal Mahoney writes

A Widow a Year Now

She’s been a widow
a year now and at times 
she still misses him

when she drives past 
the steak house where he
would take her to eat 

and the theatre where he 
would take her to see
plays on opening night

and the jewelry store
where he would buy her
diamond necklaces,

bracelets and earrings 
she recently had to sell.
Sam was broke when 

he died, nothing in the will 
except the house he had
mortgaged again but now 

after her frozen TV dinner 
she can turn up the volume
on her big-screen TV 

loud as she wants without 
wearing the hearing aids  
she always had to put in 

when Sam was alive.
Every night she is happy 
the old bastard is dead. 

That son of bitch
didn’t leave her a cent.
Damn him.
Gothika Filipina 2 -- Igan D’Bayan

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