Friday, September 14, 2018

Rahul Mitra writes

A Fairy Land

I woke up from a dream into a fairy land,
It was full of allure and a magical stand.
I wandered like a curious child beholding with a charming face,
There you were wrapped in a dazzling attire and moving at a gradual pace.
I couldn’t close my eyes or move my body as my soul entered an astral dimension,
Your cordial fragrance bewitched me and created a strong connection.
I could feel your devotion in anything you desire,
Full of innocence and faith like the clouds in a colorful fire.
Your eyes glistened with the glare of a lustrous pearl,
A divine love gave me goosebumps and a twisted swirl.
I came close to hold your soft and lucid hand,
My heart skipped a beat as if you moved your magic wand.
You took me to a misty lush green forest with a wondrous waterfall and a dreamy pond,
I made you stand on my feet, caressed your lips and whispered in your ears that I would always share the exotic bond.
The swans were overwhelmed to see the crazy looks we had for each other,
It felt like we could be smiling and gazing all the time in an infinite hover.
The bees buzzed on the music of the trees and wind,
Let’s dance on the rhythm to which our souls do bind.
This insane world will be shared by us together in a flight,
You’ll be the sun lighting my cheerful day and I’ll be the moon reflecting your bright shines and soothing your night!

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