Thursday, September 20, 2018

George Onsy writes and paints


Come on! 
What are you waiting for?
The slow deaf justice
Has given you the green light
To rape one, two and even more
Waiting for you
To rape a whole nation that
It is supposed 
To be caring for. 
Rewarding your satanic desires
You may go on and on
And, again … on
Yet, let me tell you 
one last word:

As you rape so will you reap 
Yes, you will reap all shades
Of sufferings unbearable
In your body of a predator
In your heart of stone
In your soul dormant
To wake up to a day
Of no dawn, of no peace 
Fallen off Eternity.
There’s nothing separating
Your rape from that reap
But a period of time,
Many or only some
Days, weeks, months,
Or even long years
And all, all will never stop
Your unspeakable reap 
That will inevitably come.

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