Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Rupert Loydell writes


It’s always dodgy if you scroll down too far:

the screen fills with rude jokes or naked girls,
and that way trouble lies.

It’s always dodgy if you write too much;
everything loses its passion,
just becomes words on the page.

It’s always dodgy if it’s only words,
devoid of emotion or content.
Readers dissociate from the work

and that’s dodgy when it occurs.
If they don’t understand it they’re gone,
too many pictures and it’s for kids.

Dodgy is as dodgy does: let’s shift
from the language of the sublime to being lost,
let’s acknowledge we are incomplete.

It’s always dodgy if you go too far
or kiss the boss’s daughter. Themes are not
hidden in this work, it’s open source

information, dodgy paraphrase and
stolen quotes. No jokes, no sex, no risk;
just these words on this page.

[The oldest cave engraving is a vulva on a 1 1/2-ton limestone block in Abri Castanet, a collapsed rock shelter in the Commune de Sergeac, Dordogne, France. It is about 37,000 years old, and is an Aurignacian artifact, carved by Europe's earliest humans. It seems that artists have always been attracted to depicting nudes....]

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