Sunday, February 25, 2018

Emmanuel Joseph writes

A Despair Cry Of A Poet

Words are gone missing, in a mind,
a paper lies empty
beside a pen of no ink.

Alone, i'm here in the woods
begging, and crying, and yearning
a distance too far to return home
astray like Cain in an ever-ending search,
for a touch, that seems no longer mine.

i've long here waited,
parching birds across the lips
here, yawning to yarn for a kiss.

it is still dark, still feverish twisting
of my soul, for your hands
beneath this tree
where love no longer hold
in the blooms, clung like a glue,
not with a pen, nor with an ink,
but with the Nile-drops of my eyes

i'm here my darling Lucy
painting every memory on the crest.
If ever comes your mercy upon me,
I, in your Noah's ark will forever be
with your breath in my nostril,
holding your arms, breeding in your breath.
Come Lucy, for a poet cries in despair.

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 -- Bernard Barnes

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  1. Adam and Eve were the 1st humans. Their firstborn son, Cain (Hebrew for "smith"), slew his younger brother Abel (verbally associated with "herdsman"), and thus became a fugitive. He moved to the "land of Nod" (the Hebrew root for "to wander"), found a wife (his sister Awan ["iniquity"] according to the 2nd-century "Book of Jubilees"), and fathered Enoch, in whose name Cain built the 1st city. According to Titus Flavius Josephus in 93, Cain resorted to violence and robbery and transformed human culture from innocence into craftiness and deceit while also establishing property lines and weights and measures. He was also considered the ancestor of all lyre and pipe players and all tent-dwelling pastoralists. Meanwhile, Adam and Eve bore another son, Seth, who also married his sister Azura ("restraint"), who was also Abel's widow, and had 33 sons and 23 daughters. According to Josephus, Seth invented astrology and, according to the "Qur'an," received divine law from his father; Adam also gave Seth the secret teachings that formed the basis of the Kabbalah. The descendants of Cain abd Seth have names that are oddly similar: Cain's son was Enoch (Hanok), and Seth's was Enos ("mortal man"), Enoch's son was Irad, while Enos' great-grandson was Jared; Enos' son Kenan had a son named Mahalalel," while Irad's son was Mehujael; Jared's son was another Enoch, the father of Methuelah, while Mehujael's son was named Methushael. Methushael and Methuslah both had a son named Lamech; Cain's descendant was credited as the 1st polygamist; his son Jubal was the ancestor of harpists and organists, and his other son was Tubalcain, the inventor of swords. According to the Mormons' "Book of Moses," Lamech murdered Irad when he started to publicize his pact with Satan; various Jewish sources relate that Tubalcain led his blind father on a hunt, leading to the mistaken slaying of Cain, and then, in sorrow or retaliation, Lamech killed Jubalcain by hitting him repeatedly with a rock. The other Lamech was the father of Noah, who built an ark to save the lives of his own family from the great flood that destroyed the world. Traditionally, the humans that died were the offspring of Cain, while the survivors were the descendants of Adam and Seth and Noah.


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