Friday, February 23, 2018

Ra Sh writes


Now, the body had to be trisected.

Team A, Team B and Team C negotiated.
Negotiation was hush hush and in haste.
Team A wanted the thighs and legs.
Team B wanted the hands and breasts.
Team C wanted the torso and the butt.
Negotiations became heated.
Team A brandished sickles.
Team B unsheathed swords.
Team C flashed scimitars.

The body lay there wondering
Why no one needed her head.
The head was pretty, curly hair,
Merciful eyes, kind soft nose
And a mouth that always smiled.
Bright teeth and healthy gums.
And a fine functioning brain.
The head smiled at their arguments.

Finally, the warring factions
Settled to an agreement.
Each got what they wanted.
Team A sawed off the legs thigh down
And stuffed them in a gunny bag.
Team B hacked off the hands and
Sliced away the breasts, stuffing them
In a military issue rucksack.
Team C chopped off the head and
Stuffed the torso, butt and all,
In a polished mahogany chest.

They made off in three directions
And the head was left alone on the grass.

Now, it began to sing a song
And some birds landed to listen.
Some animals too stood listening.
Soon, it became an orchestra
As the song of the chopped head
Rose up and down rose up and down
Like a leafy wave in the glade
Till the forest became an ensemble
Of clouds and pollen and flora and fauna.

And even some ancient stars that were long dead.

Image result for singing head paintings
Singing Head --  John Forrester Clack

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