Monday, February 19, 2018

Arlene Corwin writes

Stuff To Talk About

Either I’ve a lot to say
Or I convey
The selfsame things
In lots of ways.
If the latter –
Ten degrees above ch-chatter,
It’s my nature.
As a watcher and a searcher,
It’s a feature picture:
Fixture of that nature
In a structure something that I’ve got to…

Here is what I’ve got to say:
In the long run books are syllables in print.
Remember the Old Testament:
Apples, snakes, man, woman, knowledge.
In the short run, they’re terrific – [books]
[an] aid and shorter route through college.

That said, it’s projection all the way,
A basic you which never brooks stupidity,
Though fixed and which cannot fix anything,
But gives it meaning:
Means and leanings leading to, letting you…
(It is a simple-but-not-easy-principle),
Where there is circumstance and fate,
Chance, cause/effect and luck.
Notice I don’t mention choice.
We choose and voice, but inside lies
Our nature – always you who’s you.

Is character your nature?
Is nature you identity?
The answer’s tricky
And you definitely have to try…
You have to definitely try.
 "You Say Knowledge Like It's A Bad Thing" -- Mary Pohlmann

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