Thursday, February 22, 2018

Joy V. Sheridan writes

A Vision Bringeth Peace

In heavenly climes abiding 

Yes! Where true love is residing 
Comes a messenger of peace 
To earth cometh to bring relief.

What is majesty without 

The crown of endeavour? 
When all surround is hostile 
To the comfort 
That Our Lord is providing.

Praise to that heavenly host! 

Where within are found the most 
Blessed Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Whatever the time of year, 

These lovely presences are near 
To all humanity to bring Light within.

So praise to the Host,  

Praise to the Omnipotent Three 
Whose dear hearts seek you and me

Praise then to the glorious throng 

In whose care humanity does belong; 
Praise to the Holy Ghost 
For our three love the most 
To stretch a hand to this grieving world 
No Satan be truly hurled 
Forever in that pit!

God’s truth makes an arrow of proof
Such a hit is the Holy Three to proclaim 

Yes: honour and praise the Holy Name; 
Bring peace on Earth 
The saints and angels cry, 
And we shall enjoy the by-and-by; 
Peace until this world of pain 
In heavenly ways we humans surely will 
See the rain of righteousness and glee – 
Yes, all peace to you and me. 
 File:Master Gh - Holy Trinity, Central Panel from the High Altar of the Trinity Church, Mosóc - Google Art Project.jpg
Holy Trinity, Central Panel from the High Altar of the Trinity Church, Mosóc, Hungary

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  1. The host is the bread or wafer used in the Christian ritual of the Eucharist. The word is derived from the Latin "hostia" (sacrificial victim). Theologically, the sacrifice of Jesus ended the need blood sacrifice. The Trinity is the single God in 3 persons, the father, the son (Jesus), and the holy ghost (holy spirit). Although the concept came from various Biblical passages, the Greek word "trias" (the number 3 or a set of three) was 1st used ca. 170 by bishop Theophilus of Antioch, but Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, in the early 3rd century, was the 1st to use the Latin "trinitas" and to define that the 3 aspects of God were "one in essence — not one in Person." However, since then the exact nature of the relationship has been variously defined by different denominations.


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