Monday, February 26, 2018

Arlene Corwin writes

Tips Are Everywhere
   (or I think best in the bath)

I’m in the bath.
The radio sits on the sink.
I sit and think,
Then I too sink
(into the ear’s cocoon ).
A Noble winner’s hit upon
A method to transcend the barrier
Of light when light’s become a blur
Inside the micro-est of microscopes!
Not only that!  It is the barriers he faced
When no one cared.
He’s dared
To break tradition.
Now he’s won. 
He’s got position, status.
He has mastered.
Learn from that!

Light Barrier -- Kimchi & Chips (Mimi Son & Elliot Woods)

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  1. 8 architectural video projectors are split into 630 sub-projectors using an apparatus of concave mirrors designed by artificial nature. Each mirror and its backing structure are computationally generated to create a group that collaborates to form the single image in the air. By measuring the path of each of the 16,000,000 pixel beams individually, light beams can be calibrated to merge in the haze to draw in the air. 40 channels of audio are then used to build a field of sound which solidifies the projected phenomena in the audience’s senses.

    -- Kimchi & Chip


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