Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Rashid Pelpuo writes


If I must now lick and suck your anus clean
If I must stoop to your ill will
And your disdainful taunts
And because you hate that race
Then let me go my own way.
Let me patch up my scattered dreams
Bind myself in whole and let me be myself.
If I must shut up
To your broken promises and mad logic
Of equal partnership in unequal gains,
And your bad breath and your bad faith
And face disgrace before the whole world,
In tatters through the thorny paths of life
While you flourish in your savage desire,
Then let me take back my trust
While I still have my limbs
To do my own journeys in my own world

Let me regroup my expectations
In the same arenas
When first you met me patching my dreams
And gathering myself and mending my soul.

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