Friday, February 23, 2018

Heather Jephcott writes


Life is too short
to hide away in a cupboard,
to lock oneself away from other people's
eyes and company.

Life is too short
to be wasted doing nothing much
of eternal value, playing around, just having fun
and nothing counting for anything.

Life is too short
to participate in selfish activities
that make one stay within oneself rather than
giving out in love and kindness.

Life is too short
to navel gaze, and nothing else
just looking down within, rather than outwards,
towards the one, the two's, the masses.

Life is too short
to not give out personal touches
where they are needed, so open your eyes,
wide and see, move out, be brave and care.

Life is too short
to spend time afraid or worrying
shackling oneself with anxious beads,
hiding one's gifts, concealing one's light.

Life is too short
to become offended, allowing another's misdeeds or offences
to gather themselves around your heart influencing it negatively,
encasing it with hard, cold, ice.

Life is too short
to forget to sit down and recharge your battery
remember the need for rest, for recovery, each day,
each season, each year.

Life is too short
to rarely give thought to the one who created
the universe you live in, as well as being the one who is fashioning you,
shaping you individually, making you special.
Heart of Ice by thirteenthangel Heart of Ice -- thirteenthangel

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